Jane Doe #59, suspected Manson victim, identified 50 years after brutal murder (VIDEO)

A woman who was savagely stabbed to death and has only been known as “Jane Doe #59” for the last 50 years has finally been identified and now authorities are questioning whether the woman was murdered by Charles Manson or his followers.

Reet Jurvetson was described by her family as a free-spirited woman who liked to travel around. Jurvetson was 19-years-old when she left Montreal, Canada, a half century ago and was soon thereafter never heard from again.

About three months after the infamous Tate murders and just a short distance from where the gruesome crime occurred, the body of a young woman was discovered by a child on Mulholland Drive in 1969. The woman had been stabbed 150 times in her neck.

The case remained cold until a piece of DNA evidence was discovered in 2003. But again, the case went cold and remained so for over an additional decade. However, late last year, the woman was positively identified as Jurvetson.

Authorities have reason to believe, including the way in which and where the murder was carried out, that Manson was associated with Jurvetson’s murder, but still lack substantial evidence. One witness said he remembered seeing a woman, who he believed may have been Jurvetson, at Manson’s Simi Valley ranch.

Former Manson prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi noted in the book “Helter Skelter” that he believed Jane Doe #59, now identified as Jurvetson, was killed after witnessing another Manson murder.

Investigators have attempted to talk about the Jurvetson case with Manson, who is now 81-years-old and currently serving nine life sentences, but got nowhere.

“Talking to Charlie is like talking to a wall,” said Capt. Billy Hayes, commander of the Robbery-Homicide Division of the LAPD.

[ Los Angeles Times ]

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