Meth lab found in home of John McCain’s campaign worker (VIDEO)

A Phoenix woman and her live-in boyfriend are facing multiple charges after authorities discovered an active meth lab among a slew of illegal drugs in the woman’s home Tuesday.

U.S. Postal inspectors, along with undercover detectives, raided the couple’s home after a package containing over 250 grams of Ecstasy was delivered to their home. Inside the home, in addition to the meth lab, officers found about a quarter-pound of methamphetamine, 10 hits of LSD, approximately two grams of cocaine, several grams of heroin, a few hundred Ecstasy pills, pot and hash oil. Additionally, about $7,000 in cash and counterfeit money was found.

Authorities said all of the drugs were within reach of the couple’s two children, who are 5- and 9-years-old, but they weren’t present at the time of the bust.

Emily Pitha, 34, and Christopher Hustrulid, 36, were arrested on a slew of drug-related and child endangerment charges, but released after posting bail.

Pitha has done campaign work for a number of politicians, most recently for U.S. Sen. John McCain. McCain’s campaign manager, Ryan O’Daniel, confirmed Pitha is no longer a part of the campaign.

[ ABC 15 ]

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