Cannes shares terrorism drill, inadvertently scares bejeezus out of attendees (VIDEO)

What was meant to be a video demonstrating that French authorities are prepared in the event of a terrorist attack during the one of the year’s biggest gathering of A-listers, inadvertently left many who are scheduled to attend the Cannes film festival feeling like maybe they would rather stay home.

The 90-second video shows pretend terrorists descending on the Cannes Palais while fake car bombs explode in the background. But special forces and local law enforcement come in to save the day.

With the Charlie Hebdo massacre in France last year and other various attacks around the world, authorities say the chance of another attack is “extremely high” and the gathering, which will commence in a couple weeks, could be a likely target.

But there has been mixed reactions to the video.

“I only found out we might be in danger when I saw that video – I wasn’t thinking about it until then,” said Yuhka Matoi, an international sales executive out of Tokyo, adding, “Maybe I’ll stay away from the red carpet [this year].”

Others question whether it was more about publicity than preparedness.

[ The Hollywood Reporter ]

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