Advocates participate in open-carry walk through Miami University (VIDEO)

Rain didn’t keep open-carry advocates from a scheduled walk at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, Saturday. In fact, event organizer Jeffry Smith said the walk saw the largest turnout if students he’s seen in the previous five walks he’s attended.

Smith said the purpose of the walk, which had about 60 in attendance, was to advocate for concealed carry on campus and “to start dialogue regarding firearms privileges” both in the state and across the country.

“If you see someone who looks inquisitive, stop and talk to them. We stop,” Smith said. “The idea of this is not to walk through campus. If we encounter people, we need to engage them.”

Benjamin Mouch, a senior at the university and an NRA-certified pistol instructor, said this was the first walk in which he had participated, but he thinks it’s important for individuals to realize gun owners aren’t just crazy people.

“We’re just normal, everyday people that are able to exercise our rights,” Mouch said. “We’re not trying to provoke any people, just exercising our rights.”

[ Dayton Daily News ]

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