Texas gun shop selling NFA legal Molotov cocktails and pipebombs on Gunbroker

Texas gun shop selling NFA legal Molotov cocktails and pipebombs on Gunbroker

They look more dangerous than they are, you have to read the small print. (Photos: Gunbroker)

Texas Machine-Gun & Ordnance, a federally licensed manufacturer of Destructive Devices and explosives, wants to sell you a transferable Molotov Cocktail or pipebomb.

While making either without a license can land you in hot water (or the hospital if you don’t know what you are doing) the former U.S. Army vet behind TXMGO has Molotovs up for $125 and Pipebombs for $175.

Now, of course, as each is a Title II destructive device, they need forms, paperwork, background checks and a local Type 9/10/11 FFL dealer who can and will transfer.

As noted in the auction description, both are “not something you just buy over-the-counter. It transfers in full compliance with NFA laws, its owner is explicitly registered with the ATF, will take 5-6 months to get after a detailed background check, and payment of a $200 transfer tax.”

The pipebomb is sans powder and is a 1.5×12″ pipe with the end-caps drilled out and a fuse, while the Molotov is sold as a service which will add custom laser engraving and a serial number to the bottle you provide (Stoli, anyone?).

They are being sold as novelties and to help TXMGO raise money for research into items they want to bring to the public such as an affordable 60mm mortar and a recoilles rifle.

As for the deeper reasoning behind offering the items?

“Yeah, getting them is pretty pointless. But is getting a Molotov Cocktail or a Pipebomb any more absurd than suppressors only shot at an indoor range where you need ear protection, having 5 AR-15s, or $25k transferable M-16, that so many of us have? No. They’re just cool toys for grown adults to play with, in a safe and responsible manner,” notes TXMGO’s social media account.

For the record, as of last February, there were 2,446,984 registered destructive devices nationwide, the single most common items listed under the NFA.


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