WI residents arrange gun buyback (VIDEO)

In response to a recent increase in gun violence in the area, residents of Madison, Wisconsin, came together with local law enforcement to hold a gun buyback over the weekend.

Those responsible for the event encouraged anyone with a working firearm to bring it over in exchange for a gift card.

“The event today is designed to save youths. These young ladies right here need to grow up without getting shot, without getting shot, without worrying about their mom, dad being shot,” said Timothy Maymon, who helped organize the event. “It’s too much senseless violence and mainly in the black community.”

Reports indicated that only one gun was collected during the event, but numerous gun locks were handed out to gun owners for free.

Maymon plans to host a “Picnic for Peace” at a local park next month, which also focuses on fighting gun violence.

[ NBC 15 ]

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