It's high tec gun box and speaker system in one (VIDEO)

The folks over at Gun Box are looking to replace the old “gun on the mantle” look with a modern speaker system capable of discreetly holding your favorite AR or home defense shotgun.

Dubbed the Sentinel, the casual stand alone Bluetooth speaker platform is a made of a “pressured formed, zero weld, alloy container with duel die cast interlocking hinges and redundant servo-controlled interlocking latches,” which sounds like it belongs on a DARPA project request.

With the touch of a finger on the biometric reader, swipe of a keycard or RFID ring, or tap of a finger on a phone app, the seemingly sedate speaker opens like a clamshell to reveal its cache.

There are also tamper and motion alarms for if the box is disturbed and the speaker is set to stream audio from your device.

The Sentinel started as an Indiegogo crowd funding project, but has reached its goal and plans to sell for a retail of $699.

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