‘Blue Lives Matter’ banner flown overhead before Beyonce concert (VIDEO)

As thousands swooned over Beyonce’s presence in Tampa Friday night, one of many stops on her Formation World Tour, someone in the skies above flew a silent, though maybe not-so-subtle message. The banner trailing behind a not-so-high flying plane read, “Blue Lives Matter.”

Although there’s no official confirmation, the message was most likely aimed at the singer’s controversial “Formation” performance at the Super Bowl, which some interpreted as anti-cop. Following the performance, rumors abounded surrounding officers’ refusal to provide security detail at the concert.

“The PBA and our chief made it very clear that we were going to staff the concert as we would any other event. If an officer felt like they didn’t want to work the event, it’s a voluntary thing, they didn’t have to work that event,” said Steve Hegarty, Public Information Officer for the Tampa Police Department.

[ WFLA ]

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