Go inside Colonial Williamsburg's flintlock musket range (VIDEO)

In March the site known to many as the “Disneyland of the Revolutionary War” opened a flintlock range where visitors can fire a .75 caliber musket after a bit of training.

Aine Cain, of the Flat Hat News, the student weekly of the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, visited the range and saw firsthand what goes into firing one of the weapons which includes loading a one-ounce ball and priming the weapon’s flash pan with black powder.

Cain gets a few rounds on target after a bit of coaching from the instructors despite warnings that, “they are not terribly accurate,” and having no cheekweld at all.

“It’s a very flamboyant gun,” says the instructor after a flash of powder and puff of smoke.

According to information posted on Williamsburg’s website, adults with ID and youth age 14-17 can fire the flintlocks provided they are accompanied by an adult and the price is $119 but includes range instructions, ammunition and powder, targets, safety equipment, and transportation to and from the off site range.

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