Remington's new warranty, and a brief comparison to others

Remington Arms, headquartered in North Carolina, is offering a limited lifetime warranty on all firearms purchased on or after Jan. 1, 2016.

The announcement comes on the occasion of the company’s bicentennial anniversary this year.  The new warranty adds Remington to the list of American gun manufacturers that offer some sort of product guarantee.

The warranty covers the original purchaser of a new Remington firearm. Its terms guarantee the gun to be free of material and workmanship defects for the period of time it belongs to the original owner. Remington promises to repair or replace any parts, or to replace the gun if repair is not possible.

Senior vice president and general manager Leland Nichols makes it clear that Remington has faith in its workforce to create guns that shouldn’t need the warranty.

“We take pride in crafting dependable, quality firearms designed to last a lifetime in the field or on the range. We’re proud of the Americans who manufacture our products and want to showcase their skill by offering a limited lifetime warranty on all of our firearms,” Nichols said in a statement.

There are several exceptions to the warranty, designed to eliminate problems that weren’t caused by the company. Use of non-factory or incorrect ammunition, inadequate maintenance, abuse/misuse, barrel obstruction, unauthorized repairs, and normal wear and tear are not covered.

The new guarantee puts Remington on similar footing, warranty-wise, with a number of other gun makers with factories in the U.S. The Sig Sauer warranty is much like Remington’s, as is the one offered by Springfield Armory.  Springfield specifically excludes tritium sights, though.  Smith & Wesson’s terms are also much like Remington’s, but with the promise of expedited service for police and military guns. Ruger reserves the right to inspect a firearm before agreeing to free parts or repairs—which the others apparently do as well; difference being Ruger doesn’t call their policy a warranty. Keltec’s terms cover second owners too. The 150-year old Winchester offers no official warranty, but promises “fairness and integrity” in repair requests.

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