Testing less-lethal shotgun shells can will give you a splitting headache (VIDEO)

Taofledermaus ups their exotic shotgun shell game by testing the LE Super Sock bean bag round and the Stabili-Shock rubber bullet.

The Super Sock, like its name implies, is a kevlar mesh filled with small lead shot while the soft rubber bullet is 90~ ish grains of phelonic ass whippin’ in a 2 3/4 inch shell. Both are designed for law enforcement use and, while departments vary on their protocol, are typically used in a specially marked shotgun that is never loaded with live ammo and used by an officer who is being covered by a partner ready to use deadly force.

That doesn’t mean these less-lethal rounds can’t kill. Head, spine or sternum shots or shots taken at point-blank range can often leave a subject in the morgue rather than limping away.

Just as the poor dummy in the video above.

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