Winchester now makes economical 9mm load

USA Forged is the name of Winchester's new steel-cased 9mm. (Photo: Midway USA)

USA Forged is the name of Winchester’s new steel-cased 9mm. (Photo: Midway USA)

Early this year, Winchester unveiled a new ammo choice, a 9mm steel-cased load with a high-round count and lower price point.

The new ammo is made in Winchester’s Oxford, Mississippi plant. Called USA Forged, the ammo is the first from a major American manufacturer to have a steel case in 9mm caliber.

Steel-cased pistol ammunition is normally sourced in other countries, like Turkey, Italy, or Mexico. It’s generally more economical than brass-cased ammo. Winchester’s USA Forged gives shooters who want to buy American and save money a new and attainable choice. The ammo Is available now at many major retailers.

“USA Forged is proof that better products can be made right here in the United States while driving value for the consumer,” said Brett Flaugher, Winchester Ammunition vice president of marketing, sales and strategy.

USA Forged brand casings are coated with a proprietary substance said to enhance reliability and corrosion resistance. The boxer primers and clean-burning powder used in manufacturing mean the ammunition is suitable for extended shooting sessions.

A brass jacket covers the 115 grain lead bullet. Winchester stats show a muzzle velocity of 1,190 feet per second.

Current packaging is limited to a 150-round box. Prices as of this writing are $31-36 per box, putting the USA Forged brand neck-and-neck with foreign loads where price is concerned.

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