A look at a custom Springfield 1903 hybrid (VIDEO)

The M1903 may have been your grandpa’s rifle, but Jeff Bloovman from Practially Tactical takes time to show off a custom 1903/1903A3 hybrid that is definitely not.

First of all, no priceless uber rare ’03s were harmed in the making of this gun so those C&R white glove guys out there can take a breather right off the bat. Jeff’s Springer was built one piece at a time by Master Gunsmith John Robinson over years from new/like new parts scrounged, collected and scavenged from gun shows, online and Jawas (maybe we through that last one in there, it is May the Fourth this week).

As such, Robinson took the best of both the legacy WWI-era M1903 design and coupled it with the later WWII 03A3 Remington runs including a C-type stock (with milled buttplate) and a new 24″ 2-groove Remington marked barrel with a match cut chamber.

Not only does it look nice, it seems like a great shooter. And, in the true test of any good gun, it has a name: Chatoyance Jackson.

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