Chicago woman awarded ‘Mother of the Year’ after taking fake gun from young boy (VIDEO)

She may not yet have children of her own, but one Chicago woman’s maternal instincts kicked in earlier this year when she saw a potentially deadly situation involving an 11-year-old boy and now, her actions landed Stacie Davis a “Mother of the Year” award.

Last month, Davis noticed the small boy walking down the street with what appeared to be a gun, so Davis stopped and confronted the boy.

“This is how kids get shot,” Davis told him, “why you walking with this?”

It turned out that the gun – although it looked very realistic and even had the words “Smith & Wesson” on the side – was fake. But during the ceremony at a local church honoring Davis on Sunday, attendees were reminded of Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old boy who was shot dead by Cleveland police after waving around a fake gun.

“Sometimes we have to take control of the situation ourselves, and I’m grateful to her,” said the Pastor at the Sweet Holy Spirit Church where the service was held.

Still, Davis said she did not think, she simply reacted to what she saw.

“There wasn’t time for a thought process. I saw a child with what seemed to be a gun and I reacted,” she said.

[ ABC 7 ]

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