Detroit cops take 2 hours to respond to fatal shooting (VIDEO)

As authorities in Detroit are searching for the individuals responsible for a deadly double shooting Sunday afternoon, Detroit Police Chief James Craig is looking into why it took officers nearly two hours to respond to the initial 911 call.

“We failed, clearly we failed in this instance,” Craig said.

The chief said the original call came in immediately after shots were fired and the caller reported seeing at least two individuals running away from the scene. Craig explained a call such as that should have taken precedence as a “priority one” call, but it instead, for unknown reasons, stayed as a “priority three” instead of being upgraded.

“The sooner we get out to a scene, the greater likelihood we have of catching those responsible,” Craig added.

By the time police did arrive on the scene, both of the victims, whose bodies were found outside of an abandoned house, were pronounced dead.

Craig said despite this incident, authorities are continuing to work toward reducing crime, and their efforts are paying off.

“We’re reducing crime,” Craig said, adding that over 99 percent of the time, they get it right, only this time they didn’t.

[ Fox 2 Detroit ]

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