Florida man catches .22 to the arm, doesn't realize it for days

A man cleaning his .22 caliber pistol accidentally shot himself with it but didn’t really even notice the through-and-through wound until changing shirt two days later.

As reported by the Daytona Beach News-Journal, Michael Blevins, 37, checked himself into the Florida Hospital Fish Memorial in Orange City on Saturday with a fresh-ish gun shot wound.

When police responded, the owner of said wound told officers he was cleaning his handgun Thursday in his living room then when he stood up with the gun against his chest he felt a sharp pain and fell face down, hearing a gunshot while smacking his face on the coffee table. When he stood up, other than the splitting headache, he was fine.

Then, changing shirts to a lighter one when the weekend came, he noticed blood on his sleeve. Checking for the source, he found the nearly closed bullet wound on his arm and went to the hospital.

Blevins, who takes regular pain killers for an old back injury, chalked the lack of pain to his meds and the distraction from the aching head caused in his abrupt meeting with the coffee table.

For more info on how to stop self-perforation, see this link.

[ Daytona Beach News-Journal ]

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