Man fatally shot as he violently beats his 77-year-old grandpa (VIDEO)

A 25-year-old man was shot dead while assaulting his 77-year-old grandfather in his Vicksburg, Mississippi, home Saturday.

Justin Kirkley, 25, was shot a single time in the chest with a small caliber handgun. Kirkley’s grandfather, Joseph Crist, 77, did not wish to appear on camera, but told reporters things have increasingly escalated between the two after Kirkley came to live with him after being released from jail about a year ago.

At the time of the incident, Kirkley was out on bond for a 2013 homicide and on probation for burglary. He was also arrested in December for assaulting Crist.

Neighbors said they weren’t surprised to hear about the incident, but it is nonetheless a tragedy.

“I hate it for the whole family because, regardless of what the situation is, he’s gotta deal with that. And I know it’s going tear him up for the rest of his life. I am sure he cared about his family,” one neighbor said, referring to Crist.

“The whole situation is tragic, but Mr. Crist clearly has the right to protect himself, especially in his own home,” said Warren County Sheriff Martin Pace.

Pace said the incident will be thoroughly investigated, but the initial investigation indicated it was nothing other than self-defense.

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