Introducing military-themed emojis



The app didn’t forget about female military members.

For less than two bucks you can now make all of your emojis military-themed thanks to a new app from Kapps Media.

Kapps worked with Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America and others in the veteran community to create Vetmojis, which are currently available for both Apple and Android. The emojis are adjustable in size and also include audio files with famed expressions and movie lines. Additionally, half of the proceeds from each app purchase goes to help programs with the IAVA.

“Our hope is that it’s just a continued way for veterans to communicate with each other in a sort of fun and relevant way,” said James Baumann, director of strategic partnerships at IAVA.

Baumann added, “It gives a little bit of higher visibility to veterans in general. Especially when veterans are sharing it with their friends on the civilian side of the equation.”

[ Military Times ]

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