Detroit gun training program uses live rounds, real people (VIDEO)

Action Impact Gun Ranges in the Detroit metro area will soon offer a different kind of gun training class – one that uses real actors posing as bad guys and good guys carrying guns loaded with live rounds.

Range owner Bill Kucyk said the stress of knowing it’s real people and real bullets adds value to the training.

“It is the next evolution of training and it’s as close to real as you can possibly get,” Kucyk said.

Kucyk used the example of Robert Bates, a Tulsa County reserve deputy who shot and killed a suspect during a pursuit when he inadvertently grabbed his gun instead of taser, as an example of what can happen when one is placed in a stressful scenario. Kucyk said the training can be used for law enforcement and civilians alike.

“Exposing officers to this, we’ll get a lot of that bad stuff out of the way, we’ll discover it in advance, and then we can take corrective action,” Kucyk explained, also adding that they put different races and other factors into the scenarios to determine whether participants’ reactions are different bases on those details.

[ Fox 2 ]

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