Freedom Munitions is seekin' to deliver value with new AR-15

Seekins Precision AR

The Seekins Precision AR, chambered in 223 Wylde and sold by Freedom Munitions. (Photo: Freedom Munitions)

Freedom Munitions announced this week the Seekins Precision GI AR15 is now available on its website.

The new carbine is the result of a new partnership between Freedom Munitions and Seekins Precision. Both are located in Lewiston, Idaho.

This is the first time the gun parts- and-ammunition store has offered a complete firearm for sale. It’s an AR-15 chambered in 223 Wylde, named the Seekins Precision GI.

Freedom Munitions’ business strategy is to deliver a good basic product at a good price. The marriage of that mission with Seekins Precision results in the GI being marketed as “everything you need, nothing you don’t, for under a thousand dollars.”

The Seekins Precision GI has a 16-inch barrel with a 1:8 twist. It’s coated with Armorblak. Over it is a 12-inch Seekins Precision MCSR M-LOK free float handguard. At the business end is an A2X flash hider with 0.5×28 threads per inch.

Operation is made user friendly with an ambidextrous safety and oversized trigger guard. The trigger is mil-spec. Mission First provided their tactical minimalist model buttstock and pistol grip.

Inside is an M16 bolt carrier group. Included in the new rifle package is a 30-round magazine and a hard plastic travel case.

Current price on the Seekins Precision website is $950, apparently including shipping to a local FFL.

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