Nice shot: Reenactor skewers unwanted drone with spear (VIDEO)

At least one guy in a historic reenactment group in Russia really isn’t a fan of low-flying remote control quadcopters and lets his spear do the talking.

As reported by UPI, a participant at Rusborg 2016 in Putinland saw the quad rurring around and unleashed the hounds of war, dotting it out of the heavens with his trusty spear.

‘Copter owner Gennady Tolcheev told local media he permission to overfly and film the event, and that the spearman, who used a weapon with an blunted tip, came up to him later and apologized.

Tolcheev says he may return to the event next year, maybe even using the drone as a faux flying dragon.

Full video (with sick Russian techno beats) is above and the money shot is below.

[ UPI ]

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