96-year-old WWII vet officially graduates from USC

Alfonso Gonzales Alfonso Gonzales

A graduation ceremony at the University of Southern California Friday had a very special graduate: Alfonso Gonzales, who at 96-years-old is officially the university’s oldest graduate.

Gonzales, who is a World War II veteran, completed a zoology program over 60 years ago, but couldn’t attend the commencement ceremony because he was in the middle of starting his own soil company.

But recently when Gonzales’ family inquired about getting a copy of his diploma, the university informed them that he was actually one unit short of earning his degree. Although the school no longer offers the zoology program, they created a special class for him to complete his studies.

On Friday, Gonzales, who was called by a university officials a “wonderful inspiration,” was rewarded for his hard work with a bachelor of science degree.

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