Crimson Trace brings new laser focused class to gun shops, ranges

crimson trace laser class

(Photo by: Crimson Trace)

Crimson Trace, known for its laser sighting systems and tactical firearm lights, now offers gun store and range employees an opportunity to learn more about laser sighting systems in a classroom setting.

The Crimson Trace Classroom program is a two-part course that focuses on both in classroom and on the range exercises and lessons. Classroom concepts focus on laser sight fundamentals, accuracy, training, protection and improving confidence.

The range portion of the course allows students some hands-on time with a Crimson Trace mounted revolver. The range portion is designed to give participants first hand knowledge and experience with laser products and implementation.

The class even goes so far as to make students wear vision inhibiting safety glasses to learn how to aim using only the laser sight. Crimson Trace said in a statement the goal is to help those behind the counter better relate to the customer with first hand experience.

Crimson Trace Classroom program is well underway, with nearly 1,000 graduates to date. Crimson Trace said more classes are in the works for interested gun stores and ranges. Classes are free for interested shops and are taught by Crimson Trace employees and representatives. Staff who complete the class also receive a certificate for framing.

Laser mounted firearms and their efficiency in self defense are widely debated in the gun community,  but some instructors are advocating their use in special circumstances.  

“One of the reasons you might want to think about having a laser device as a tertiary aiming device on your pistol is because of shooting from compressed or improvised positions as well as low contrast sight situations,” said renowned instructor Rob Pincus in a recent Facebook video.

Gun shops and ranges interested in expanding their knowledge of laser aiming systems and Crimson Trace products can contact Crimson Trace for scheduling.

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