FL man fleeing from cops attacked by alligator (VIDEO)

A dispute between a man and his mother at her Lakeland, Florida, home Wednesday evening, almost turned deadly after the man had his arm bitten off by an alligator while trying to flee from authorities.

The family of Jessie Kinsinger, 21, said he has a history of mental illness and had “an episode” that day. Unable to control her son, the mother called the police for help. Kinsinger fled from the home as officers arrived and jumped into a nearby lake in an attempt to get away, ignoring the signs which clearly stated alligators frequent the area.

Mike Taylor, Kinsinger’s brother-in-law, said he suddenly heard Kinsinger scream, then saw him in the lake.

“He said, ‘My hand hurts,’” Taylor recalled, but when Kinsinger lifted his arm, he had no hand.

What officials estimate was a 10-foot alligator bit off Kinsinger’s left arm above his elbow. He was rushed to a local hospital and despite severe pain, profuse bleeding and fighting an infection, he is expected to survive.

[ ABC ]

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