Ka-Bar now has a tactical spork. No, really (VIDEO)

For those looking for a $7 tactical spork made of space-age Grilamid hybrid material that packs an auxiliary knife in the handle, think Ka-Bar (#nottheOnion).

The company, long known for their Marine fighting knives, just dropped the Model 9909 Tactical Spork which boasts a 2.5-inch fully serrated blade secreted inside a 6.875-inch multipurpose eating utensil. Hopefully it’s all held together pretty good or a user could end up pulling the whole, “Do you want to know how I got these scars?” gag for a while.

The whole thing is made of food and water approved Grilamid polymer– which should appeal to those of you who get all gooey for polymer (you know who you are).

MSRP is $6.83, which is hard to argue with.

Unless you already own a GI surplus M26 Fork, Spoon and Knife set to go with your M1911. In that case, carry on, sir.

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