Mcarbo springs onto scene with subgun trigger kit


With three springs, some tools, and a little time, Mcarbo promises a better Subgun trigger. (Photo: Mcarbo)

Florida-based Mcarbo just announced availability of a replacement spring kit for first and second generation Keltec Sub 2000 rifles.

The three-spring kit is designed to reduce the factory seven- to-ten pound trigger pull to 5.25 pounds. Fewer malfunctions, and better accuracy and shot grouping are also promised with the kit installed.

The kit, currently on sale for $29.95, contains a hammer spring, sear spring, and trigger return spring. They’re made of spring steel ASTM A228 music wire and 302 stainless steel spring wire.

Installation could prove a bit tricky for the novice. Tools required are needle nose pliers, metric Allen wrenches, a hammer, and punches in small, medium, and large. Eye protection is advised.

Mcarbo provides a 23-minute video showing the spring exchange process, but a solid black subject and some arm’s-length shots of the initial takedown make it difficult to discern exactly what parts are where. Verbal details are both descriptive, naming parts as the job goes, as well as full of sage advice about expected events, i.e., “be careful, this sear spring might pop off, it’s an easy one to lose.”

Downloadable instructions and a diagram of the Keltec 2000, exploded-parts style, are also offered.

The kit is shipped on the same business day of order. Mcarbo provides a lifetime performance guarantee; offering replacement on any parts that don’t work as promised.

If shade tree gunsmithing isn’t your thing, Mcarbo provides installation services for the kit. The $35 fee includes installation and insured return shipping.  A five- to-seven day turnaround is promised. The Mcarbo website provides instructions on how to ship only the necessary parts, on the cheap, via US Postal Service. First use functionality is guaranteed when Mcarbo installs the kit.

Mcarbo is a veteran owned and operated company that makes its products in the United States. Five percent of sales proceeds are donated to veteran-supporting organizations.

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