Chainsaw takes on a chocolate and marshmallow-filled Glock (VIDEO)

Nobody really knows why vlogger MattV2099 hates his Glock 17 so much, but he picked up a Craigslist chainsaw to help him find out.

Matt is best known for Glock food abuse videos where in the past he jammed his trusty G17 full of jello, chocolate, magnum condos, saran wrap, pudding, silly string, Twinkees, bacon, Mountain Dew and Doritos (often at the same time) and so on and so forth.

Untouched (and uncleaned) for the past year, he soaks the Austrian polymer perfection in bar oil and bathes it in fresh saw dust (also mixed in bar oil and random smut), then goes for the test fire.

Does Sara McGlockland still kick out the 9mm? Oh yeah…

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