Sock-carrying CCL-holder accidentally discharges gun during high school graduation (VIDEO)

In what Augusta Police Chief Tyler Brewer called a “knucklehead situation,” a man attending a high school graduation in Augusta, Kansas, caused a bit of a scare after he accidentally discharged his weapon Sunday.

Brewer said the 37-year-old man, who has a concealed carry license, brought the gun into the stadium by carrying it in his sock.

“It was uncomfortable for him,” Brewer noted. “He went to adjust his sock, and the weapon went off, striking him in the foot.”

The bullet then traveled about 50 feet and struck a woman in the calf. The graduation ceremony continued afterwards.

Both victims are expected to be okay, but the man may now face charges – which Brewer said he plans to seek – for illegally bringing the gun onto school property.

[ The Wichita Eagle ]

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