Watch how quickly this road rage incident escalates (VIDEO)

What started out as minor dispute beside a Houston freeway quickly escalated into an assault and a rather large fender bender.

Two parties – one in a truck and one in a car – can be seen arguing before the man in the truck decides it is time to just leave it be – whatever it was. The woman, on the other hand, just can’t seem to chill quite so easily and continues in a verbal altercation with the other party, sticking her hands through their car window.

Eventually, the second party grows tired of the woman and decides to throw a cup of soda at her, infuriating the man in the truck, who in turn kicks the front of their car. At that point, it’s on, a straight-up free-for-all with punches being thrown right there on the side of the street, all the while the woman screaming for them to stop and also getting punched in the face a couple of times.

The fight finally dies down… until the man in the truck decides to put it in reverse and gun it, smashing into the car before taking off down the freeway, with the car in pursuit.

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