Intense dash cam footage shows trapped man saved from burning car (VIDEO)

A car accident in Anchorage Sunday caused a man’s vehicle to flip over, pinning his arm beneath the car. And the situation became rather intense as a police officer and witnesses tried to free him as the car catches fire.

APD Officer Mitchel Veenstra’s dash cam was rolling as he pulled up to the scene. Within seconds, Veenstra realized how dire the situation was and quickly tells onlookers they’re going to have to lift the vehicle to free the trapped man. All the while, the trapped man’s voice grows increasingly panicked as the flames get bigger.

The group makes several unsuccessful attempts to free the man, but they don’t give up. As the flames continue to grow larger, the trapped man’s voice grows more panicked before he’s finally freed. Miraculously, he crawls out of the burning vehicle, stands up and walks away.

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