Savage A17 owners, Butler Creek just made it easier to burn ammo

Butler Creek's new 25-round mag for the Savage A17 in .17 HMR. (Photo: Butler Creek)

Butler Creek’s new 25-round mag for the Savage A17 in .17 HMR. (Photo: Butler Creek)

Kansas-based Butler Creek announced Tuesday the pending release of a 25-round magazine for the popular Savage A17 .17 HMR rifle.

Development of the mag was done in collaboration with Savage Arms. “We are thrilled to have worked with Savage Arms to best optimize this product. This is a quality accessory every A17 user should own,” said Curtis Smith, Butler Creek’s product director.

The company said the collaborative effort with Savage helped design a more reliable magazine.

There are two ways to load the magazine and neither requires extra equipment. First, it can be filled the traditional way, or using the integral assist lever on the side.

Inside is a stainless steel spring. The header and feed lips are metal. A novel feature, one may clip two of the mags together for a shooting experience mostly uninterrupted by reloading. On the side is a round count indicator that allows the shooter to keep track of how many remain.

Butler Creek is known for its 25-round magazines for the Ruger 10/22. The new Savage A17 mag bears a strong resemblance. It’s not clear yet if the color and lip options offered for the 10/22 will later be available for the A17 magazines.

MSRP is $35.95. The new magazines aren’t yet featured on the Butler Creek website, but are currently slated for availability in early July.

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