Ex-Uber driver dragged out of courtroom after terrorizing shooting victim (VIDEO)

An outburst in the middle of witness testimony Friday left deputies literally dragging Kalamazoo area Uber driver turned mass shooter Jason Dalton out of the courtroom.

Tiana Carruthers, who survived the February shooting spree that left six dead and two injured, was on the stand when Dalton started ranting as his attorney tried to shush him. An emotionally distraught Carruthers began to cry and within just a few seconds, Dalton, shackled at the hands and feet, tried to spring up from his chair and started yelling over and over, while pointing at Carruthers, “Take it.”

It’s not entirely clear what Dalton meant by the gesture, but nobody wanted to wait around to find out either. Deputies swarmed Dalton and as they attempted to remove him from the courtroom, he locked up his legs, leaving them little choice but to drag him away and out of sight.

[ Michigan Live ]

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