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Legendary hunter and journalist Col. Craig Boddington’s collaborative film tells the story of an anti-poaching unit in Mozambique fighting to save their native wildlife, resources and way of life.

Though the documentary’s initial intent was to raise awareness of the fight against poaching, the team has now entered a film competition with hopes of bringing the cause to a much wider market. Now, they’re asking for your help so the documentary can reach millions, raise awareness for the anti-poaching cause and show the world that hunters are on the forefront of conservation.

Led by Boddington, his wife Donna, and producer Conrad Evarts, the anti-poaching documentary shares the untold story of Zambeze Delta Safaris anti-poaching unit. Operating in Coastal Mozambique, the unit is staffed by the local population and funded almost entirely by hunting dollars. They have arrested more than 750 poachers, built a school, created 150 jobs, provides meat and water for hundreds of locals, and helped revive native game populations. The film aims to demonstrate that poaching is preventable through the works of anti-poaching units like the one featured.

Boddington and his team were embedded with anti-poaching units to gather footage of the unit in action. Having hunted Africa over several decades, he said has seen the damage done by poaches reflected in a decrease of native game. However, the growth of anti-poaching units shutting down poaching camps is bringing about a slow but steady increase in sable, buffalo, zebras, and elephants.

He warns though, the footage is raw, unpleasant at times, but necessary to shed light on the crude, dangerous, thoughtless, and inhumane practices of the trophy and commercial meat poachers out solely for monetary gain. The team’s ultimate goal of winning the documentary competition will spread the message that not only do hunters oppose poaching, but they are in fact the leaders in conservation.

To support the cause, check out the film’s webpage for the Seed and Spark film competition and “follow” the page. It won’t cost you any money. They need 500 followers to advance in the competition. For more information, check out the effort’s Facebook page.

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