Shot Spotter alert leads to recovery of gun

Jimenez Arms Model JA9 9mm

Police responded to a shooting in Boston Thursday evening that left two people injured, and while the suspects were not caught, the gun believed to be used in the crime was recovered.

Authorities were alerted of the shooting via Shot Spotter just after 5:00 p.m. and when officers arrived on the scene they found two individuals suffering from gunshot wounds. The victims were transported to the hospital for medical treatment of the non-life threatening injuries, while officers scoured the area for the suspects.

A description of the suspects was broadcasted over the police radio and an officer who was moonlighting at a security job witnessed two individuals in the area who matched the descriptions. The suspects gave chase and were able to elude authorities, but a loaded Jimenez Arms Model JA9 9mm handgun as well as a knife was recovered from the area where they ran.

The Boston Police Department featured the incident in their “One Less Gun” column, which details guns – often used in crimes – taken off of the streets.

[ Boston Police Department ]

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