Bill Bratton: Rapper ‘thugs’ responsible for shooting (VIDEO)

A shooting at a rap concert Tuesday night in Manhattan left one dead and three injured, and New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton was quick to blame the rap community for the violence.

Ronald McPhatter, 33, was killed during the shooting, while three others were hospitalized. One victim was shot in the chest and the remaining two – both in their 30s – were each shot in the leg.

“The crazy world of the so-called rap artist, who are basically thugs that are basically celebrating the violence they lived all their lives. Unfortunately that violence often manifests itself during a performance, and that’s exactly what happened last evening,” Bratton told a local radio station after the shooting. “The music unfortunately often times celebrates violence, celebrates degradation of women, celebrates the drug culture.”

Bratton went on to say, “It’s unfortunate — you’d like think with all the wealth and fame that they’d turn their lives around, but they continue hanging out with the same people they hung out with when they come out of that life of desperation, poverty and crime.”

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