Nunchuck-wielding man in a rage shot by ex’s new hubby (VIDEO)

An altercation between a woman’s ex-husband and her new husband in Hendricks County, Indiana, Tuesday night ended in gunfire, but authorities say the shooter acted in self-defense when the nunchuck-wielding ex came at him in a fit of rage.

The woman, who did not wish to be identified, said it has been nearly a decade since she divorced her ex-husband, Anthony Casada, but over the years, there has been a history of violence, and at one point she filed restraining order against Casada.

The woman said this week’s argument stemmed over one of their children’s cell phone bills.

“I’m sitting here at the back patio,” said the woman’s new husband, Dave Gregory. “My wife is sitting here. My dog starts barking. I see his car pull up.”

Casada was in that car and got out holding a pair of nunchucks. Gregory said he feared for his safety and could see the rage in Casada’s eyes.

“My thoughts were, ‘he’s going to try and beat me up or kill me with these nunchucks then go take it out on my wife,’” said Gregory, who already had his gun in hand.

Gregory said he told Casada he was an idiot and as Casada continued advancing toward him while swinging the nunchucks, Gregory opened fire, striking Casada multiple times.

Gregory’s wife said he did a “phenomenal job” protecting the family and she hopes things are now over with Casada.

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