Happy Memorial Day from Guns.com

Today people across the United States will gather with friends and family to relax, indulge, and celebrate the freedom to do both of these things. Many will also chose to honor those members of the armed service who made the ultimate sacrifice in the defense of the citizens, ideas and freedoms that give this country its strength and greatness.


In our own small way, Guns.com would like to say thank you to all those who sacrificed, all who served (several of whom we are proud to work with), and all current members of our armed forces.  Although it is impossible to fully thank those who died protecting these United States, we can at the very least show our gratitude by remembering and honoring any man or woman who has worn a uniform this Memorial day.  Thank you, and to all those who didn’t serve, make sure you thank a veteran today for all they’ve done in defense of your freedoms.

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