Settling the clip vs magazine debate for all time (VIDEO)

Firepower Unlimited’s one and only Phuc Long interrupts a three way spat at “Koch’s” gun counter over clips and magazines then goes the distance with a great array of classic milsurps.

If you can get through the first minute of painful gun tropes (what the heck do you want to do with a 9mm–A bare minimum you need is a 12 gauge–the Hollywood tactical Kochpump) and not fall out over the Kochlube and Kochstrap or full-auto MACaronis and the scare tactics of the NFA, you are in for a treat.

We spotted a Swiss K.31, a Springfield 1903, Johnson M1941, Short Magazine Lee-Enfeld .303, a mega sweet competition ’03, a K98, a French MAS (only dropped once), a host of M1 Garands, a “garbage rod” M.91-30 (is that Alex from TFB?) and others– all that take stripper clips.

“You see now?” asks Phuc as the hipster that started it all decided to go to Dicks.

Oh yeah, and stick around for the ping and some gratuitous StG44 and Tommy gun live fire.


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