Sig Sauer releases new KILO rangefinders

06/1/16 2:25 PM | by

Sig Sauer Kilo rangefinder

(Photo by: Sig Sauer)

Sig Sauer announced expansion on the company’s KILO rangefinder series with the addition of the KILO850 and KILO1250. The two new models join Sig’s popular KILO2000 introduced in 2015. The 850 and 1250 build upon the 2000 platform but offer consumers updated technology for better results.

“Now we have incorporated that same LightWave DSP core with blazing fast scan speeds into both the 6x KILO1250 for hunting and the 4X KILO850 which is ideal for archery with lower magnification and a higher field of view,” said Andy York, president Sig’s Electro-Optics Division, in a statement.

The LightWave DSP core technology, featured in all KILOs, boosts digital processing power for quicker range assessments. The KILO models offer an average range response time of 0.25 seconds. Paired with a SpectraCoat anti-reflection coating for better optical clarity, the KILO rangefinders continue to align with Sig’s sense of quality.

Both units come loaded with features such as HyperScan and RangeLock technology. HyperScan provides four range updates per second while in scan mode, a useful tool when quickly scanning targets. RangeLock reports the most recent range result when determining distant targets.

Rangefinders are popular tools amongst hunters and long range shooters. These devices utilize a laser beam in conjunction with an internal clock to determine the distance of a target. Distance is measured in yards/meters and is splashed on an internal LCD display. The KILO850 features a standard transmissive LCD display while the KILO1250 offers a high transmittance LCD.

Maximum range on each model is dependent on the target. The KILO850, with 4x magnification, has a max range of 1200 yards for reflective targets and 600 yards for deer. The KILO1250 has slightly better range with 6x magnification. Reflective target acquisition is up to 1600 yards and deer up to 750 yards.

Sig opted to keep exterior features simple with just two buttons- range and mode. Compact enough for one handed operation and lightweight at 5-ounces the models also feature lanyard attachment points for easier carrying.

KILO rangefinders  are covered under Sig’s lifetime warranty which covers them should they become damaged or defective.

The KILO 850 comes in two colors, black and camo, with price ranging from $239 to $264. The KILO1250 comes in graphite or camo and ranges from $359 to $384.

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