Hickok45 puts some stitches in the Liberty quilt with a full-auto BAR (VIDEO)

On a trip to Texas, Hickok45 came across a real BAR in good ole honest 30.06 and no, it’s not a replica, but a full-auto-only original.

The Browning Automatic Rifle, officially designated the M1918, was a sweet light machine gun designed by no less a firearms genius than John Moses Browning in the tail end of World War I.

Capable of spitting out .30-06 rounds at 500-600 rounds per minute, the BAR could empty a 20-round detachable box magazine in just two seconds when wide open. Speaking of which, the, one Hick has is one of the pre-WWII variants, and is select fire only in the respect that it has a “slow” and “fast” switch.

And you see a little of that above in the video.

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