NY husband charged with manslaughter after beating wife’s would-be rapist to death (VIDEO)

A 61-year-old man was arrested Monday night after he apparently beat a man to death who tried to rape his wife inside their New York City apartment.

The attempted rape suspect, Earl Nash, 43, slipped into the apartment building through a door behind one of the residents, then knocked on several doors before the wife of Mamadou Diallo – thinking it was her son – opened the door. Nash forced his way into the apartment, but when the woman offered him money, he refused, began taking off his clothes and said he was going to rape her.

The woman and her sister, who was also at the apartment at the time, fought with Nash for about 20 minutes before the woman was able to get to her phone and call her husband for help. Diallo, a cab driver, was just outside of the apartment building when he received the terrifying call, grabbed a tire iron from the trunk of his car and went inside the building to protect his wife.

But before Diallo got to the apartment, he met his wife’s attacker – who was still partially undressed – in the hallway near an elevator. Surveillance cameras captured the angry husband attacking the would-be rapist, repeated swinging the tire iron at him. In the end, the elevator was filled with Nash’s blood.

When authorities arrived on the scene, Nash was rushed to a local hospital, but later died from what was described as “severe trauma to his head and body.”

Diallo, who claims he acted in defense of his wife after she thought she was going to die and told him “don’t let him get away,” was arrested but – although still facing charges – released without bail on his own recognizance Tuesday.

Before his death, Nash had been arrested a total of 19 times, and was released from prison on parole in July 2015, before he was arrested again on May 14 for harassment. Records show he was charged with and pleaded guilty in 2003 to unlawful imprisonment of a 17-year-old girl who was apparently kidnapped for two days, sexually assaulted, stabbed and beaten.

[ ABC 7 ]

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