Father of murdered daughter leaps at her smirking killer in court (VIDEO)

Authorities had their hands full in a Cleveland courtroom Thursday trying to keep a grieving and angry father of a murdered teen off of her killer as he sat smugly with a smirk on his face across from the father.

Michael Madison was convicted of the brutal 2013 murders of three women – 38-year-old Angela Deskins, 28-year-old Shetisha Sheeley and 18-year-old Shirellda Terry – whose bodies were found wrapped in plastic bags, near the apartment building where Madison lived. He was also convicted of kidnapping, rape, having weapons under disability and gross abuse of a corpse, charges with altogether carried a more than 50-year sentence. However, a jury deliberated less than a day before deciding Madison should be put to death for the murders of the three women. Madison’s lawyer argued against the death penalty, citing abuse Madison endured as a child.

But on the day the death penalty was announced, Terry’s father spoke to the courtroom.

“I guess in our hearts…we’re supposed to forgive this clown…who’s touched our families…taken my child,” Terry said, as Madison sat across from him and smirked.

Then, without warning, Terry jumped up and within seconds in his daughter’s killer’s face. Security led Madison away, as he continued to have a sly grin on his face, turning and looking at the girl’s father. It took nearly a dozen people to hold Terry back.

Sonya Richardson, the victim’s aunt, said her brother lunged at Madison because he was mocking him.

“The family is there pouring out their hearts…and he’s sitting there smiling,” Richardson said of Madison.

“It was horrible…to be that close…to have to breath his air…to be in the same room with a person who is so horrible…and he don’t care…he was laughing when she gave him the death penalty,” she noted.

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