TacticalWalls adds Hide-A-Mag to line of concealment accessories

hide-a-mag tactical walls

The Hide-A-Mag allows handguns to securely tuck into discreet places. (Photo: TacticalWalls)

Concealment accessory and furniture company, TacticalWalls, gives consumers another discreet option for hiding their gun or spare mags inside the home. The new product, called the Hide-A-Mag, is a slimmed down means of securing a firearm without installing additional furniture.

Developed with a rare earth magnet the Hide-A-Mag comes in a discreet matte black, durable plastic that protects the firearm’s finish while also maintaining 35 pounds of retention on the gun. The device mounts to any 4-inch by 1 inch by 1/4 inch space with the included screws.

The assembly works with most handguns, shotguns, rifles, edged weapons and metal-lined magazines. Even polymer-framed guns will mount onto the Hide-A-Mag as they include some metal components. When needed, guns and mag quietly and smoothly slide off the assembly giving consumers unadulterated access to their weapon.

TacticalWalls founder Tim Matter said in a release that the idea for the Hide-A-Mag came straight from customers.

“The firearms retention magnets found within our existing sliding units brought about several requests from TacticalWalls customers for a high-strength magnet that could be placed at strategic locations in one’s home, vehicle, or work place,” Matter said. “We developed the Hide-A-Mag to answer this call and become an inexpensive, yet valuable accessory for those looking for additional avenues to conceal firearms and accessories.”

Available from TacticalWalls website and retailing for $16.99 the Hide-A-Mag seeks to give consumers even more options for home storage.

TacticalWalls is based out of Virginia and currently produces a variety of concealment furniture that discreetly secures firearms and accessories. The company made headlines after it released a RFID-compatible storage shelf. Appealing to consumers against the standard, bulky and often ugly gun safe, TacticalWalls has been producing shelves, mirrors, clocks and artwork that all function as a secure means to store guns and accessories.

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