Las Vegas 'Blue Card' gun registration files are history

Las Vegas 'Blue Card' gun registration files are history

The huge cache of files maintained by the agency going back to the time of Frank Costello and Meyer Lansky’s days on The Strip are now gone for good. (Photo: CBS Las Vegas)

The Las Vegas Metro Police Department has destroyed more than 1.4 million handgun registration records dating back over 50 years.

To comply with a new law, Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo issued a directive to his department last summer ending the long-standing handgun registration requirement.

Then came the problem of what to do with the files.

“The records must be destroyed after one year,” Officer Jesse Roybal, spokesman for the Department’s Office of Public Information, told last June.

The collection, which Roybal said dates back at least to 1965, was then on a countdown to destruction mandated under the new law signed by Gov. Sandoval, and was in multiple formats.

“We still have paper, digital, and microfiche registrations,” Roybal said. “We will physically make sure the paper and microfiche are shredded and the digital registrations are deleted.”

And, according to a FOIA request obtained by Nevada Carry, it looks like they did just that.

“Theft Crimes Bureau (CCW Unit) and the Records Bureau were involved in the destruction,” noted the group. “Interestingly, some records had not been digitized (probably the older records dating from circa 1980). Microfilm and print records were shredded prior to January 1, 2016. Digital records were verified as deleted on May 15, 2016.”

The full response to Nevada Carry from Metro is below:

Las Vegas 'Blue Card' gun registration files are history

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