Man gets 47 years for attempted murder of Border Patrol agents

Carl Wayne Wiley

Carl Wayne Wiley

A 50-year-old Texas man will likely spend the rest of his life behind bars after a federal judge sentenced him to more than 47 years in a Del Rio court Monday.

Carl Wayne Wiley was convicted by a jury in February on numerous charges related to a 2014 incident in which he led authorities on a two-day chase that ended with Wiley shooting at Border Patrol agents.

According to the Justice Department, Wiley was fleeing prosecution of state murder and attempted murder charges for a separate shooting in Midland when he encountered a Border Patrol agent in the early morning hours on June 29, 2014. Wiley led authorities on a high-speed pursuit before he crashed his vehicle.

After the accident, Wiley emerged from the vehicle and continued to flee on foot. He then made his way to several nearby ranches where he stole an ATV, then a pickup truck and several firearms.

Despite an extensive search, Wiley continued to elude authorities. The following day, an off-duty officer noticed Wiley near a checkpoint in Comstock, about 90 miles from where the original pursuit started.

A Border Patrol agent attempted to pull over Wiley, but was unsuccessful. However, after that agent then activated what was referred to in a press release as “emergency equipment,” Wiley crashed through a fence. He continued to drive through a field until he eventually ran into a tree.

Wiley then got out of the vehicle and continued to flee on foot. As the agent in pursuit got closer, Wiley opened fire on him with a .45-caliber Ruger. The agent was not injured, but the chase continued. Minutes later, a group of additional Border Patrol agents surrounded Wiley. He opened fire on the agents, but again no one was hit. Eventually, Wiley dropped the gun and surrendered without further incident.

Wiley was placed in custody and, in addition to the already pending murder charges, was charged with attempted murder of United States Border Patrol Agents who were engaged in the performance of official duties.

If Wiley completes his sentence, he will also be required to serve three additional years of supervised release.


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