14-year-old facing felony charges after nailing cops with rocks at Trump rally (VIDEO)

Prosecutors have charged a 14-year-old boy with aggravated battery on a police officer after he threw rocks at officers outside of a Donald Trump rally in Albuquerque last week, but the boy’s attorney says the charges are a bit much.

Marcus Griego, 14, is one of three people who have been charged in connection with the riot, but while Griego admitted to attending the rally, he claims he did nothing wrong.

“The commander actually witnessed Marcus throw a rock directly and hit the sergeant that was standing next to him,” said Albuquerque Police spokesperson Celina Espinoza.

After the rocks were thrown, officers confronted the teen, who is now being charged as an adult, but doesn’t appear to have a prior criminal history.

“My understanding is that Marcus kinda laughed it off and kinda just pretended it wasn’t a big deal,” Espinoza said.

Griego’s Attorney, Tom Clear, accused authorities of trying to destroy his young client’s life, something which the department denies.

“We don’t want to make an example out of a 14-year-old. We want to be able to guide and lead him in the right direction,” said Espinoza, adding that they are open to other punishments, such as having Griego go on ride-alongs or work in the department’s horse stables.

[ KRQE ]

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