GunTV adds more programming slots, Roku access

Roku GunTV

GunTV hosts peddle their wares (Photo: GunTV)

Gun enthusiasts who’ve kicked the cable habit but still yearn for some solid gun programming can get their GunTV fix via Roku.

Roku, a service that provides both digital media players and content, exploded onto the scene in 2008 as a more cost effective alternative to traditional cable service. Roku relies on partnerships to deliver content to consumers and GunTV is the newest in this lineup. The expansion to include Roku pushes GunTV’s audience to nearly 10 million households.

GunTV premiered to cable subscribers in April of this year with a unique take on the home shopping platform. GunTV allows viewers to buy guns and gear without the usual hoopla of visiting the nearest gun store. After one month on the air, Social Responsibility Network LLC, GunTV’s parent company, reported that programming was reaching 20 million homes in the U.S.

GunTV received some criticism from anti-gun advocates who called the programming irresponsible and dangerous. GunTV relies on its network of over 6,000 FFL dealers to conduct the purchase of firearms from customers. All sales are subject to federal and state laws, to include a background check.

With Beretta and Taurus being the one of the first manufacturers to hand over firearms for the programming, GunTV hopes to add more gun manufacturers to its firearms segments soon. Accessory companies have already jumped on the GunTV bandwagon, so much so that more slots have been added to accommodate the interest. Opening up both the half hour and quarter hour, the company seeks to get more gear makers to “Share & Save.”

“Now all manufacturers can participate on GunTV by taking advantage of these incredible new offers, and make their products best sellers,” Jeff Wood, director of Broadcast Segment Sales, told AmmoLand earlier this month.

Share & Save programming starts at $5,250 for 1/4 hour or $10,5000 for a shared 1/2 hour of time for a 90 day participation period. Program sponsorships include website participation as well as multiple video assets and rights.

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