Mossberg’s new gadget keeps slings and things where they belong


Mossberg’s new clip secures to shoulder straps to keep a sling or other things from falling. (Photo: Mossberg)

Mossberg just announced a new backpack gadget that’s hopefully easier to use than to say: the Pak-Rat Quick Clip.

This little clip is made to keep a long gun sling, binocular or camera strap, or other shoulder-borne paraphernalia in place.  The user is then free to use both arms and hands for tasks like climbing, knowing their load won’t slide out of place.

The Pak-Rat Quick Clip hooks onto the shoulder strap of a backpack, or any webbing up to three inches wide. It stretches to accommodate different materials, and secures around them with hook-and-loop material.

Current price on the Mossberg website is $19.99. product testers look forward to checking this one out in depth.

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