The Heart of Fire Gun Choir (VIDEO)

I was recently invited to the Heart of Fire Church in Louisville, Kentucky by Pope Dan Johnson to listen to their new gun choir. Toting an assortment of pistols and rifles, they sang Amazing Grace along with a few other spiritual favorites. Their voices were balanced and rich. I thought they were pretty good.

According to Johnson, the choir may travel soon, but for now, they can be heard every Sunday at noon at the Heart of Fire Church.

Heart of Fire is known as a ‘biker church’. In fact, half of the church is an actual biker bar. This means is that if you’re a tattooed, sunburnt gun-toting, leather-wearing biker that might get kicked out of a regular church, you’re definitely welcome at Heart of Fire. There’s lots of music and fellowship and Johnson’s fiery and passionate sermons will light a fire in your heart.

Guns are welcome. Tattoos and Harleys are recommended, but not required. Just make sure you bring your bible and an open mind.

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