Crimson Trace and Kimber collaborate for more laser options

crimson trace kimber lasers

(Photo by: Crimson Trace)

Crimson Trace announced that Kimber’s Micro 9 will now come equipped from the factory with laser grips. The LG-409 P10 Rosewood grips feature a red laser sight and are now offered on the pistols themselves, no installation required.

Kimber’s Micro 9, a 1911 design in a micro package, was released in January. With an overall height of just over four-inches and length at 6.1-inches the Kimber weighs in at 15.6-ounces. The gun has a six-round magazine capacity and a trigger weighted at seven pounds.

Kimber currently offers the Micro 9 in three flavors: two tone, stainless steel, and the crimson carry. Stainless steel Micro 9 is an all stainless finish with rosewood handles while the two tone features a blackened slide atop the steel frame. The Crimson Carry version is the pistol equipped with the Crimson Trace laser grips. it retails for $894.

Crimson Trace is also offering the new LG-409 grips in black rubber. Also featuring a red laser sight, the grips can be purchased solo and come in at less than $300.

Crimson Trace offers several grips for Kimber pistols to include Micro .380 as well as dozens of pre-installed Crimson Trace Kimber models. Kimber’s Ultra Pro Covert, Ultra CDP, Custom Covert, Eclipse Pro and Ultra RCP II are all on store shelves and ready to see some laser action on the range.

Laser sights and grips have become popular in recent years as more shooters are recognizing the advantages to such a tool. Aside from dialing in precision on the range, these devices can be handy on the streets where a precarious or unnatural shooting stance might be necessary in order to survive.

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